Reviews for Two Little Boys

“A very, very dark comedy. Absolutely filthy-minded, laugh-out-loud funny” – Radio NZ National

“An Antipodean Apatow with wit, heart, and mullets. Flight of the Conchords McKenzie and Blake – whose Deano’s a very un-Hamish psychopath – make a fine team” – Empire Magazine Australia

“This is no ordinary buddy movie. It is, actually, an anti buddy movie… the story maintains a kind of bizarre logic which somehow speaks New Zealand. The vowels may be flat, but the comedy has an edge.”  – ABC Radio National

“…bold and clever, dark and scary, it had me either chuckling or pleasurably cringing in a guilty sort of way.”  – The Australian

“I thought it was a wee gem of Kiwi film-making on the big screen – and judging by the chuckles around the cinema, I wasn’t alone in that sentiment” – Yahoo