Rob is a highly regarded multi-award winning New Zealand filmmaker whose work spans feature film, series television and commercials. He is a passionate storyteller who works across multiple genres from comedy to true-life tragedy. His film and television projects consistently win critical acclaim, sell internationally and draw large domestic audiences.  He has won Best Film, Best TV Series and Best Director awards multiple times across his short, feature and TVC projects.

  • Reviews for Out of the Blue

    “The director confronts horror without wallowing in it, a strategy befitting a film that’s not about how people die, but how they live” – New York Times

    “Director Robert Sarkies’ devastating drama stands beside IN COLD BLOOD, BADLANDS and THE EXECUTIONER’S SONG as a transcendent true-crime classic” – USA TV Guide

    “It’s a beautiful piece of cinema and a powerful, refreshing reminder of the strength of the human spirit” – UK Empire

    “Brilliantly directed, thoroughly gripping thriller that is both deeply moving and genuinely terrifying – this is one of the best films of the year” – View London

    “An exceptional example of the power of cinema… Urban is excellent…A compelling, deeply moving true story” – UK FILM REVIEW

    Reviews for Out of the Blue
  • Reviews for Consent

    “A TV masterclass in how to approach a story of the most brutal realities with sensitivity” – Dominion Post

    “Sarkies’ Out of the Blue, on the Aramoana tragedy, is one of the very best films New Zealand has produced. Consent can stand alongside it” –  Dominion Weekender

    “Director Robert Sarkies impressed us again with Consent, his pitch perfect retelling of the Louise Nicholas story that should win all sorts of awards…” – NZ Herald

    “It’s very very good. Made with such a sensitive touch and a respect for the intelligence of the audience…. Nothing’s left to chance in this. The aesthetic is entirely at the service of the story that is being told. Very very well crafted and told” – Radio New Zealand National

    “It was a film that had to be made. It was a film that had to be watched. I suspect I’ll never be quite the same again having done so” – Stuff

    Reviews for Consent