Reviews for Consent

“A TV masterclass in how to approach a story of the most brutal realities with sensitivity”¬†– Dominion Post

“Sarkies’ Out of the Blue, on the Aramoana tragedy, is one of the very best films New Zealand has produced. Consent can stand alongside it” – ¬†Dominion Weekender

“Director Robert Sarkies impressed us again with Consent, his pitch perfect retelling of the Louise Nicholas story that should win all sorts of awards…” – NZ Herald

“It’s very very good. Made with such a sensitive touch and a respect for the intelligence of the audience…. Nothing’s left to chance in this. The aesthetic is entirely at the service of the story that is being told. Very very well crafted and told” – Radio New Zealand National

“It was a film that had to be made. It was a film that had to be watched. I suspect I’ll never be quite the same again having done so” – Stuff